Summer Update

Posted by on July 9, 2013

We hope that your summer is going well and you had a great 4th of July. If you’re ever wondering if there is a 4th of July in France, there is – but they don’t celebrate it… Their “National” day is July 14.

We’re doing fine and everyday we’re progressing a little bit more in French. It’s exciting to be able to understand more and more of what people are saying! In fact, the other day the girls were watching cartoons in French (they don’t care which language cartoons are in!) and Juli said, “Hey, I can understand what ‘Dora L’exploratrice’ is saying!” So, great, our understanding in French is on par with toddlers! It gives a new meaning to ‘baby steps’, huh? Anyways, it was encouraging for us to see that we are making progress.
(Above: Eric’s language partner, Arezki, shows the family a good time in Beaufort, France.)

Thanks for all your prayers in the past months. God has been watching over us and helping us each and every day.

We would really love your prayers for the next few weeks. There are several things we need prayer for:

  1. Our next set of exams is coming up July 18-23. Everything is cumulative and the tests can be rather rigorous. Please pray that God would help us remember and recall everything that we have learned. If we pass these exams, we will graduate to level B1 (you can google “Common European Framework” for an explanation). Our goal is to be at least at level B2 before we leave… but that depends on a number of things.
  2. We are starting to get “language fatigue”. Maybe it’s the heat of the summer in southern France (and no air-conditioning) or maybe it’s a little bit of culture shock, or maybe something else, but there are days when the last thing we want to do is learn French – or even speak it, for that matter. Pray that God would renew us day by day and give us the heart and the energy to learn a new language.
  3. Please continue to pray that God would give us wisdom about the future. The situation in the Central African Republic is a huge question mark that continues to loom over us. We’ve been told to be flexible and we’ve been given several different options for ministry after we leave France, but everything is so uncertain. If only God would give us a Macedonian vision like He gave Paul (Acts 16:9), but, alas, He hasn’t yet. So all we do right now is continue to stay the course and trust that He will guide us in His timing.

(Above: The family takes a bike trip through the vineyards!)

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!

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