Did you know that up to 95% of pastors and church leaders in Africa have had no theological training? The reasons for this could be any or all of the following: little opportunity, little money to afford education, or little incentive to go. Yet all of these roadblocks are easily solved. In fact, as the global church begins to center itself more and more in the developing world, we ought to be concerned for our brethren in Africa and elsewhere. This is why we have dedicated our lives to training and equipping leaders who will be able to train other leaders. As lives are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, through knowing Him and following him, whole communities and nations will change dramatically—this is true whether it is in America or in Africa!

We wanted to let you know about the opportunity before us and ask for your prayer and support. For the past couple months, we have been interacting with the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary. The Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (aka NETS) has been looking for lecturers to help it in its mission to serve and equip the fledgling church in Namibia. So far, it seems like a good fit for our growing family and would allow us to use the gifts and talents God has given us to make Him known among the nations. Eric had an informal interview with the director and dean of the school a few weeks ago. They invited Eric to submit an application to partner with the school. The school’s board will consider Eric’s application and decide whether to proceed to a formal interview with the school’s board. (It can be a slow process.) If all goes well, they will invite us to partner with them and then begin working on visa formalities. We could be back in Africa as soon as the summer of 2020!

Some have asked how this affects our relationship with Africa Inland Mission. It does not affect it at all. In fact, it is through AIM that we discovered this opportunity. As part of AIM’s 2020 Vision, they intend to train and equip hundreds of African leaders for ministry and outreach. There are still about 10 tribes in Namibia which are only minimally reached with the Gospel, but many others who, although considered reached, are very young and immature in their faith. Much work is still needed for a healthy, vibrant church. Spreading the gospel involves discipleship as much as it involves evangelism and outreach—we would be concentrating more on the discipleship aspect. We would shift regions from central Africa to southern Africa, but our support structure would remain the same.

Would you pray for us during this time of transition and change? Please pray that God would direct the hearts and the steps of all the parties involved. Pray that we would trust God in the process and not feel anxious about it. Please also pray for us as we begin to turn our eyes towards the future and the big changes coming as we prepare for Africa (again). Please also pray that the Lord would provide all that we need to serve Him in Africa.

We thank God that he has sustained us during our time at seminary. Even through the ups and downs, He has been faithful and good. We have always managed to meet our obligations even though some of our monthly support has dropped off. As the end of the year approaches, would you consider supporting us through Africa Inland Mission so that more Christ-centered pastors and leaders could go out and plant more Christ-centered churches? You can easily give online at usgiving.aimint.org/missionaries, but there are other options, too, if you’re interested, just contact us for more details.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement. We are constantly reminded how much this gospel-effort is a team-effort. Thank you! We’ll keep you updated on how things develop when we know more details.