We noticed a celebrity trend lately that we didn’t want to miss out on. So, let it be publicly known that: “If [name of the candidate you dislike] wins the election, we are going to move to Africa!” Why should celebrities only get to say stuff like that? The difference between us and them is that we really mean it!

Actually, we’ve been hoping and planning to make the move back to Africa for a while now. Unfortunately, the year 2020 is not cooperating. The coronavirus hysteria threw a wrench into everyone’s travel plans, ours included. For this reason, we wanted to enlist your prayers as we try to plan for the future. In March, we were offered and we accepted a position to teach at the Namibian Evangelical Theological Seminary. In June, we had submitted an application for a work permit in Namibia. Unfortunately, they replied that we need to submit additional information like marriage certificates, degree certificates, and notarized copies of every piece of paper you can imagine. A couple months ago, we got everything together except for the kids’ updated passports. We are now waiting on only one passport which, for whatever reason, is delayed. We expected to receive it five weeks ago and every day we eagerly check the mailbox for it—but as of today nothing. So, we continue to wait. Once we have that final passport, we can ship our packet of paperwork to Namibia to complete our work permit application. Please pray with us that the passport would come soon! Every day that passes means that our window shrinks to arrive before the new 2021 school term begins.

In the meantime, you might be wondering how we have kept ourselves busy. Julianne has been busy working with the kids and guiding their homeschooling. She has also been leading a women’s Bible study at church. You can listen to her Bible study at anchor.fm/julianne-wildgen. We thank God that people have been able to engage God’s word through these series of Bible studies. Juli has been so blessed leading the studies and it has been a blessing to see others grapple and be transformed by the life-changing word of God.

Eric has been busy on a different project called “TeachandReach.org.” Recognizing that many people in the world may never have the chance to attend Bible school or seminary, Eric wanted to share some of the most useful things he has learned along the way and, in the process, build an internet platform that can help believers wherever they are to grow in their faith and share it with others. It is still a work in progress but it is already live. (If any of our colleagues in ministry would like to add something in order to bless others, please let us know and we’ll work it out.) Feel free to check it out and give us constructive comments on how to make it better.

Thanks so much for praying with us! Thank you also for your support and encouragement! It truly takes a team to reach the world with the Gospel and we’re honored to be teammates with you!